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Organic Vitamin C Silver Serum

Organic Vitamin C Silver Serum

SKU: 0006
60 Milliliters

The line of cosmetics by Dr. Maria Aires, has an exclusive formula formulated by the Doctor, enriched with Vitamin C. Including, the line has an EXCLUSIVE VITAMIN C SERUM, which neutralizes the impacts of the damages caused by solar radiation, remaining on the skin for 72h.

For all skin types. Organic products and against tests on animals.


When you buy a vitamin C serum, you get another one.

Vitamin C can be used during the skincare routine alone or in combination with other substances. Vitamin C can be used on all skin types, except in people with sensitivity to this substance. Apply gently to the face and neck morning and night, after fully absorbed, follow with the Daily Broad Spectrum Organic Sunscreen SPF 50 of the Maria Aires Skincare line.

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